Podcast Mint Fix

#3: Botborgs Enter the Borgverse

This week’s podcast is focused on Botborgs and other gaming NFTs that launched last week including Bobos of War, Solderland Bunnies and The Infungibles. We travel deep into the Borgverse and everything you’ll find there. Botborgs

#2: Rug Rug Chicken Drop

Sellouts: SolSwats, Lucky Kittens, Dreamland Monkeys, Angry Armadillos, Alpha Dragons. BitBrawl. Rug Pulls: Werewolf Pack, Run Run Chicken Drop News: Solana Empire, Mighty Orc Kingdom, Desolates Full Show Notes

#1 The SolAnts Go Marching One By One

Sellouts: Solluminati Order Metamounts Panzerdogs Rug Pulls: Gaikotsu Demons Ratty Rats News: Shi Guardians Solana Lab Rats SolAnts (Flash Mint) Bought: Bat City Underground Gapettes on Sol Gods of Solana Show Notes: View Full Show Notes