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Mike Hale

Episode 3: Botborgs Enter the Borgverse

Botborgs NFT

This week’s episode is focused mostly on the latest Solana gaming NFTs. I take a deep-dive into the Botborgs “Borgverse” and cover a few other gaming NFT launches. Botborgs Bobos of War Solderland Bunnies The Infungibles Full Disclosure: I am…

Episode 2: Rug Rug Chicken Drop

Sellouts SolSwats Website: SolSwats Lucky Kittens Twitter: @LuckyKittensNFT Dreamland Monkeys Website: Dreamland Monkeys Angry Armadillos Website: Angry Armadillos BitBrawl Website: BitBrawl Baby Ape Social Club Website: Baby Ape Social Club Rug Pulls Werewolf Pack News: Solana Empire We realized that…

Episode 1: The SolAnts Go Marching One By One

SolAnts NFT

Sellouts Solluminati Solluminati NFT will grant access to the Solluminati Order and the Radar, Compass, and Navigator NFT tools. Website: Solluminati Order Metamounts Website: Metamounts Panzerdogs Website: Panzerdogs Rug Pulls Gaikotsu Demons We did not want to say this but…